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Pigment Red 57:1-Lithol Rubine HM-4BL

Chemical Name:  Lithol Rubine (Calcium) CAS No.: 5281-04-9EU No.:  226-109-5C.I. NO.:  15850:1Chemical Formula:  C18H12N2O6 ...

Pigment Red 48:2-Fast Scarlet 2BP

Chemical Name:  Calcium Red 2B,Permanent Red BB CAS No.: 7023-61-2EU No.:  230-303-5C.I. NO.:  15865:2Chemical Formula:  C18...

Pigment Red 48-1-Fast Scarlet BBN

Chemical Name:  Barium Red 2B,Permanent Red BB CAS No.: 7585-41-3EU No.:  231-494-8C.I. NO.: 15865:1Chemical Formula:  C18H1...

Pigment Red 23-aphthol Red RC

Chemical Name:  Naphthol Red CAS No.: 6471-49-4EU No.:  229-313-2C.I. NO.:  12355 Chemical Formula:  C24H17N5O7 Molecular We...

Pigment Red 202-Quinacridone Magenta 208

Chemical Name:  Benzimidazolone Red HF2B CAS No.: 31778-10-6EU No.:  250-800-0C.I. NO.:  12514 Chemical Formula: C29H25N5O5M...

Pigment Red 184-Permanent Rubine F6G

Chemical Name:  Naphthol Rubine F6B ,Permanent Rubine F6G CAS No.: 99402-80-9EU No.:  C.I. NO.:  12487 Chemical Formula: Mol...

Pigment Red 266-Permanent Red F7RK

Chemical Name:  Permanent Red P-F-7RK CAS No.: 2786-76-7EU No.:  220-509-3C.I. NO.:  12474 Chemical Formula: C25H20N4O4Molec...

Pigment Red 170-Permanent Red F3RK

Chemical Name:  Naphthol Red F3RK  CAS No.: 2786-76-7EU No.:  220-509-3C.I. NO.:  12475 Chemical Formula:  C26H22N4O4Molecul...

Pigment Red 170-Permanent Red F5RK

Chemical Name:  Naphthol Red F5RK ,Permanent Maroon HFM CAS No.: 2786-76-7EU No.:  220-509-3C.I. NO.:  12475 Chemical Formul...

Pigment Red 146-Permanent Carmine FBB

Chemical Name:  Naphthol Carmine FBB,Permanent Carmine FBB CAS No.: 5280-68-2EU No.:  226-103-2C.I. NO.:  12485Chemical Form...

Pigment Red 122-Quinacridone Magenta B

Chemical Name:  Quinacridone Magenta
CAS No.: 980-26-7 ; 16043-40-6
EU No.: 213-561-3
C.I.No.: :73915
Formula: C22H16...

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