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Pigment Preparation

Pigment Red 53:1-Bronze Red CW

Chemical Name:  Red Lake C(barium) CAS No.: 5160-02-1EU No.:  225-935-3C.I. NO.:  15585:1Chemical Formula:  C34H24Cl2N4O8 S2...

Pigment Red 48:2-Fast Scarlet 2BP

Chemical Name:  Calcium Red 2B,Permanent Red BB CAS No.: 7023-61-2EU No.:  230-303-5C.I. NO.:  15865:2Chemical Formula:  C18...

Pigment Green 7 -Phthalo Green 5319S

Chemical Name:  Phthalo Green,Phthalocyanine Green CAS No.: 1328-53-6EU No.:  215-524-7C.I. NO.:  74260

Pigment Dispersions for Paper

pigment dispersions (paste) for art paper,which is a toning color paste,improving the whiteness etc.

Pigment Red 81-Fast Pink Lake

Chemical Name:  Rhdamine 6G Lake CAS No.: 12224-98-5EU No.:  235-424-7C.I. NO.:  45160:0Chemical Formula: Molecular Weight:S...

Pigment Red 12-Permanent Bordeaux TRR

Chemical Name:  Permanent Bordeaux FRR CAS No.: 6410-32-8EU No.:  229-102-5C.I. NO.:  12385Chemical Formula:  C25H20N4O4 Mol...

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