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China Ink Pigment Yellow

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Ink Pigment Yellow

Pigment Yellow 13-Benzidine Yellow B3L

Characteristic: High Transparent Low viscosity
Equivalent:Permanent Yellow P-GRL 05 & 06(Clariant); IRGALITE® YELLOW BXL(Ciba)

Pigment Yellow 14-Permanent Yellow 5GF

Chemical Name:  Diarylide Yellow AAOT;Permanent Yellow 5GF; Pigment Yellow 14
CAS No.: 5468-75-7
EU No.:  226-789-3

Pigment Yellow 74-Hansa Yellow HM-5GX

Chemical Name:  Hansa Yellow 5GX;Arylide  Yellow GY;Pigment Yellow 74
CAS No.: 6358-31-2
EU No.:  228-768-4

Pigment Yellow 12-Benzidine Yellow RS

Chemical Name:  Pigment Yellow 12;Benzidine Yellow RS
CAS No.: 6358-85-6
EU No.:  228-787-8
C.I. NO.:  21090
Chemical ...

Pigment Yellow 83-Permanent Yellow HR

Chemical Name:  Diarylide Yellow HR CAS No.: 5567-15-7EU No.:  226-939-8 C.I. NO.:  21108
Characteristic: Opaque

Pigment Yellow 174-Benzidine Yellow LBE

Characteristc: High Transparent,Reddish
Equivalents: YELLOW LBE & LBS
Permanent Yellow GRY82  

Pigment Yellow 180-Benzimidazolone Yellow HG

Chemical Name:  Benzimidazolone Yellow HG CAS No.: 77804-81-0
Excellent dispersibility and Heat Fastness

Pigment Yellow 151-Benzimidazolone Yellow H4G

Chemical Name:  Benzimidazolone Yellow H4GCAS No.: 68134-22-5
Excellent Light Fastness & Heat Fastness

Pigment Yellow 150

Chemical Name:  Pigment Yellow 150 CAS No.: 68511-62-6EU No.:  270-944-8C.I. NO.:  12764

Pigment Yellow 17-Permanent Yellow GS

Chemical Name:  Diarylide Yellow AAOA ;Permanent Yellow GS
CAS No.: 4531-49-1
EU No.:  224-867-1
C.I. NO.:  21105

Pigment Yellow 13-Benzidine Yellow BAT

Chemical Name:  Diarylide Yellow AAMX ; Pigment Yellow 13
CAS No.: 5102-83-0
EU No.:  225-822-9
C.I. NO.: 21100

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