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Pigment Yellow 34-Lemon Chrome Yellow

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Pigment Yellow 34-Lemon Chrome Yellow

Pigment Yellow 34-Lemon Chrome Yellow
CategoriesInorganic Pigments
ModelPigment Yellow 34-Lemon Chrome Yellow
Chrome YellowPbCrO4
Update Time2021-05-19
Detail Information
Product Description

Pigment Yellow 34

Other Name: Lemon Chrome Yellow, Lemon Yellow

Molecular Formula:       PbCrO4                                                                                                                                                                               PH: 4-8
Density: 5.9-6.1
Oil Absorption: ≤ 22%
Light Fastness: 5
Heat Resistance: 180
Water Resistance: 5
Oil Resistance: 5
Acid Resistance: 5
Alkali Resistance: 5

We also supply Multiple Silicon encapsulated grade of Lemon Yellow Pigment

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