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What Makes Pigment Dispersion Important in Paint Production?

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What Makes Pigment Dispersion Important in Paint Production?

Issue Time:2019/03/27

What Makes Pigment Dispersion Important in Paint Production?

Quality paints rely on decent pigment dispersion in the manufacturing process. Without proper dispersion of pigments, the paint will not hold up and maintain the expected colour standards. Pigments are insoluble particles that impart colour to paint and other materials. Proper pigment and additive selection are vital to ensure the finished paint or coating effectively displays the required colour.

There are different ways that pigments are dispersed in materials, including paints. Therefore, understanding the properties and chemistry of the pigment is vital for knowing how it will be distributed. Properly dispersed pigments are crucial to the manufacture of good quality paints. Some of the essential properties that are required for good pigment dispersion are listed below:

·        Stability

Pigments need to be chosen that have good lightfastness in order for the paint to have a resounding colour that does not fade with time. Dyes generally have very poor lightfastness which is why pigments are used instead.


·        Viscosity

Another significant factor for paint and coatings is even thickness. Lower viscosity will ensure better distribution of pigment dispersions.


·        Bright Hue

The pigments used in dispersions for paint manufacturing are chosen for their bright hues. The pigments, varnishes and other ingredients in the paint must dry to give a glossy finish in order to achieve the greatest vibrancy of colour.


·        Optimal Pigment Size

A crucial aspect to understand about dispersion of pigments is the size of the particles. Smaller particle size of pigment generally provides better transparency. More importantly, the finer the grind of the pigment the greater the colour strength that can be achieved from a given quantity of pigment. This can either lead to stronger shades or, given that the pigment is usually one of the more expensive components of a paint, it can make the formulation cheaper.

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