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Grinding Medium for Industrial Pigment Pastes

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Grinding Medium for Industrial Pigment Pastes

Issue Time:2017-08-01

  To meet the increasingly sophisticated color performanc of today's solventborne industrial coatings, Allnex has introduced " Additol XL 6557", a polymeric, multifunctional universal grinding medium for high-performance coatings.

  This  is desigied to efficiently disperse and stabilize organic and inorgnic pigments in coil coatings, marine and heavy duty anti-corrosive paints, agriculture,industrial wood, and other metal coatings.

  It is soluble i many different solvent and compatibel with a wide range of resin types. The funcational modification of the polymer backbone provides a strong affinity with pigments, while its resin-like structure augments the overall performance and durability of paint formulations , enhancing corsslinking in many different systems.