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The contrasting of (Pigments, toner), (Color Masterbatch, Color species), (plastic granulating)

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The contrasting of (Pigments, toner), (Color Masterbatch, Color species), (plastic granulating)

Issue Time:2014/03/20

(Pigments, toner), (Color Masterbatch, Color species), (plastic granulating)
1, (pigments, toner)
(Pigments, toner) advantages:
1, between the three, the same color, (pigment, dye) the cheapest and most economical.
2, color proofing shortest time of delivery compared with the fastest response, you can quickly complete the customer to color.
3, transportation easy. And the cheapest.
4, the preferred color for most plastics factory product, better suited to a small range of products.
Toner Disadvantages:
1, there is little pollution, stirring Toner, changing the color need to clean mixing bucket, and the machine hopper.
2, pump tablets (Plastic Pellet): (which is a towed back to the customer's plastic paint factory, plus a good toner from the paint factory, was built colored tablets, and again back to customers to produce a product)
Pumping tablets Benefits:
1, color stability.
2, easy to operate, automated production no longer mixing materials, boosting productivity.
3, clean, do not pollute the environment.
Pumping tablets Disadvantages:
1, more than the cost of the same color Color Masterbatch, toner high, delivery response from the slowest.
2 tablets during the pumping of raw materials have physical properties may be reduced.
3, large amount of inventory, transportation costs the highest.
3, Color Masterbatch, (colored species) (which is lies somewhere between the toner particles and pumping a product is to high concentrations of toner and carrier together from a plastic granular products)
Color Masterbatch advantages:
1, color more stable.
2, does not pollute the environment.
3, the price is moderate, less inventory.
4, a better dispersion.
5, suitable for the central feeding system, long-term orders.
Color Masterbatch Disadvantages:
1, there must be a certain amount of each batch of production quantities of production for at least 100 kg. Delivery slow response.
2, must be distributed evenly to prevent static electricity or produce color.
3 also mixing colors. Color Masterbatch adding too little or too much static, easy to uneven.
4. The relative cost ratio Toner expensive, cheaper than the pump tablets.