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Thes Questions about Pigment Dispersions

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Thes Questions about Pigment Dispersions

Issue Time:2012-03-23

The Questions about Pigment Dispersions

1.What are in the dispersions—just pigment and water?

 Multicolor- Aqueous Dispersions  not  only contain pigment powder ,water ,but also stuffering ,dispersing resins or other ingredients. .

2.Are pigment dispersions equal in cost to dry pigments?

No, weight for weight pigment dispersions are more expensive than pigment powders.  Aqueous Dispersions, however, contain the maximum amount of pigment to make a thick, yet flowable dispersion, so the price is economical and, better yet, the convenience is outstanding.

3.What's the packing of  pigment dispersions(paste)? Is it enough stronger? Will it leak out ?

The inner packing: Plastic Bag

The external packing: Plastic Drum/ Bucket, or IBC

These two packages will make the aqueous pigment stable and safety.