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The role of pigment in the printing inks

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The role of pigment in the printing inks

Issue Time:2010-09-03

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Usually, the Colored ink used in printing materials is pigments. it also uses a number of dyes, which are very fine particles of colored material. Pigments generally do not dissolve in water, not soluble? with binders,they? keep in the state? of suspension in the solutions, but dyes are generally soluble compound link. Pigments has a great impact on the performance? of INKS.the relative density of ink, transparency, heat resistance, light resistance and chemical resistance, have with the PIGMENTS. The role of pigment in the ink is obvious, its color determines the?shade?of ink; its size determines the amount of ink concentration; its use to the ink to a certain degree of consistency and other physical properties; its use under the influence to some extent ink drying, oxidation polymer-based ink drying was particularly prominent. In addition, the ink is in the durability of various aspects of the decision by the pigment. Therefore, because of ink variety, use different pigments is also equipped with the difference, which requires the printing shall be based on product use, technology use compatible ink characteristics, such as high-speed multi-color printing press printed packaging products should use light , fast-curing, and wear properties of ink to ensure print quality.