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Textile Printing process of Pigment Dispersion(Paste)

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Textile Printing process of Pigment Dispersion(Paste)

Issue Time:2009-07-09

?Textile Printing process of Pigment Dispersion(Paste)'s Attentions:

1.?Preparation of Pigment Dispersion

Preparation of Pigment Dispersion is the key to the quality adhesives, modulation dark paste ?should be selected with high solid conten high quality adhesive fastness Reinforced with handle with additional transfer agents, to ensure color fastness (friction fastness, soaping fastness, hand washing fastness etc.).? Quality of the adhesive polymer particle diameter should be controlled in the 0.2um-1um, homogeneous particle size.?

Summer due to dry weather, low humidity, Pigment Paste is easy to plug. In order to reduce the drying rate of water pigment paste, and prevent premature drying paste, can be printed by adding an appropriate amount of hygroscopic agent, to keep wetting the surface of pigment paste, Non - skinning, 3 percent for general consumption, if excess,it will affect the fastness agent. In the course of printing operations will often encounter such cases, the beginning of printing, the flowing of pigment paste is good, but it will be thickening after times, especially in the paste with the fixing agent, the occurrence of this kinds of situations because of the pattern printed on a smaller area, paste remain in the net?too long time.? The water of paste evaporated, viscosity increased, associated with variation of mobility in paste to add 5% of ammonia, can solve the problem.?

2. Texitle Printing of Synthetic Fibers Fabrics

?In the production of PASTE for Synthetic Fibers Fabrics, due to the colorfulness of adhesive material on the fiber is weak, if we want to get satisfactory fastness, it is necessary to increase the colorfulness of ?adhesive on the fiber fabric . Actual way is to join the fixing agent, but the fixing agent and the adhesive agent will crosslink, it wil cause the products to harden handle, fixing agent selection is very important.? If the fixing agent is too slow in responding, there are no great effect, if the reaction is too fast, it damages the flowing of paste, making the pigment paste premature cross-linking, resulting in the phenomenon of blockage. We should choose the fixing agent with excellent fixing color degree,and also stable quality in paste.
?3. Brightness
We often get the problem of lower degrees of depth on Brightness and solidification in the texitle printing.? Reduce the depth of brightness is due to the paste of the pigment have a contrary effect, so we have a lower brightness.? If you would like to be improved, when in the preparation of water paste , add10%- 15% white Oil and moderate emulsifier???, to ensure that the brilliance.? The are proper response in the paste ?by adding pigment, just reduce the viscosity a little.? However, some black pigment in particular, the opposite situation arises, the formation of paste solidification,the increased viscosity caused it hard work properly. Adding an appropriate amount of ammonium sulfate can improve the Paste of the condensate.